Custom Orders - leather up and gather wood

Tips on how to place a custom order

Contact via email, facebook, instagram, call, or text. (Info below)

For custom orders, please be as detailed as possible, we created this company to give choice and freedom of creativity, the ability to truly express yourself and your style.

1. We want to know if we are working with leather, wood or metal.

2. What kind of leather/wood are we working with**

3. Let us know if you would like any kind of finish or stain.**

4. Add any other type of "upgrade" you would like (i.e. hardware, clasps, compass, stamping, burning, tooling, or even a special feature).**

Nothing is too much, we have a promise to craft everything with the highest of standards and everything we do comes with a warranty.

An example of a past order: I would like an outdoor chair for my front pouch. I really have a low budget so anything you can pull off will probably do, also I can paint it myself. At this point I drafted him three designs of chairs that I thought matched his taste and liking, he choose one and the project started. I used bowed treated lumber that cost little, and jointed all the pieces together without using nails. Find the picture in our gallery!

One more example: I would like a purse. Simple enough for everyday use but elegant enough for a night out. Small, just enough for my everyday items but durable enough to be thrown around. She explained her taste in style and design, as well as hardware she would prefer.

We are a company that are all humans and no robots, we love feedback and communication. Let us know what you think, how we can better our business, items you would like to see and so on. Don't be a stranger, we can learn something from everyone.

*We are very limited as far as metal working. We can do engravings in your metal products. Contact for more details 

**We are working as quickly as possible to provide pictures and descriptions of specific types of leathers, wood, hardware, stains and dyes, and scripts for engraving. For now, please have an idea of what you’re looking for and we will discuss details further. 

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Our Company is small and family owned. Our door is always open to answer any questions you have so don't hesitate to call, or even just text. That way we can get back to you and help you as soon as possible.