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"My wife and I met in High school and have never been anything but best friends. Our dreams are the same, to have land becoming a self reliant family.  This business, or passion, is another dream at least personally for me. I went to college and got a degree in Furniture Design and then continued into Trade School learning Construction/Construction Management. I knew I always wanted to make furniture for a living but ended up as a Handyman Contractor, which are services I still provide locally. However a few years back I was given a leather tooling kit and loved every moment of creating an object from nothing. These two passions wood crafting and leather crafting have made me attempt to start my own business. We appreciate every guest that visits the site, and we are grateful for every item bought. It moves us closer and closer to our simple goals in our short but amazing life. Everything that Gnomely builds is with pride, every piece is treated as my own, even though you will be the one to receive it by the end of its development." -Alex 'Scribs' 

Grand Opening Sale before the Holidays!!!

Go to Gnomely Custom Inc. or Gnomely Custom Services on Facebook, Like, Share and Follow, then leave a comment on our page. This will get you a chance to win One of Five free gifts (Store Items). Also with the Holiday coming up be sure to get those stocking stuffers for the family, we are quick grabs from rings, bracelets, coasters, keychains, and more! 

We want you to be a part of Gnomely

Custom leather products, small leather goods ready for small input to larger custom leather products that you want and can't find. Small wood items and furniture crafted to your needs and wants. From a puzzle box to entertainment center, you choice all the options!

We like the ideal of family and the American , and want to invite you to join us. Our mission is to bring back small custom trades that have, not ony quality, but pride in everything we make. Leather and work crafting is our passion, and we hope you enjoy what we make with you. We love to hear your input, if there is an item you would like to see readily available, let us know. Criticism is what helps us grow and build,  we would love for our image and ideals to be the new face of business. Small, honest, family,  and prideful. We are always ready to help get you what you need to complete that check list or finish furnishing that room. Just get us a call, PM, text, email or comment, we will respond as soon as we get the chance!



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A customizable leather key chain you can add to your chains for personality and style. 


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Gnome's Do a lot!

Craftsmanship is everything to a product from our site, just because there isnt a photo of it, yet! That does not mean you should  not contact us. We love interaction with everyone who comes to Gnomely to make you get the product you wanted everytime again and again. whether a gift bracelet or an end table for the living room with a hidden drawer. We want you 100 percent happy and want you to come back to design all those rooms and accessorize all your personal belongings.

What is to Come!

As we are just getting on our feet over here with our shipments of supplies, organizing, and making the process easier for you. Please have patience at this busy time of year. And items will soon be posted that are pre-made for everyone who visits the site, however custom orders are always available. 

What the Other Gnomies are Saying

"What a great service, you are so professional and courtesy. I am so happy I found you! I don't want to go anywhere else, so let make it happen" -Pam, Local Gnomie

"Wow, where did you get that! I want one! How much are they?" - Mark, Guy at McDonalds who ordered a sheath after seeing mine, he also has a bracelet or two now.

"What a fun and unique experience! Alex Thank you for making this so easy!" Barbara, Local Gnomie


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Email us with information about any issue you have with the site or subscribing, and if you can't find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or well aren't hearing back, Call 5138304101, and ask for Scribs. We will get you squared away!

What's Happenig?!

We are just now getting on our feet and taking off! Get your orders in quick as Xmas is coming up and we willl have to close that deadline soon! Otherwise welcome to the new websites and media pages! We are glad to have you in the family and be a fellow Gnomie!

You have Questions, Yeah, We have Answers! I hope...

What or how do I custom order? 

Just call or email. We have made 100s of items for people and they all have been happily helped. We want you to be the same way!